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Here’s what the experts have to say…

“Good companies make good products and ExamForce is a terrific example of this axiom. I got to know the good folks at ExamForce from my days as the developer and owner of Cramsession.com. Our many web site visitors tried out all the certification exam products and the ExamForce products continually came out with great reviews.

“As a Microsoft and Novell instructor, I am constantly being asked for advice on how to best study for certification exams. First hand experience is a must – but running a close second is a decent set of test questions. I know most exam writers do not get to appreciate all aspects of a technical product no matter how extensive their experience is. The only way to learn first hand about other aspects of the product is to understand the answers from a good set of questions.

“I recommend the ExamForce product line.”

Dale Janssen
Founder of CramSession

“These exams are some of the most technically accurate on the market. They thoroughly cover all of the material vital for passing the actual exams.”

Jeff Rohrer, MCSE, CCEA
Technical Author

“ExamForce software is different by design. As an Instructor, when I recommend prep test software, I look for several things.

  1. The software is only as efficient as the way it makes the student use in context the knowledge they have accumulated. If the questions are predictable in their order and in the order in which the potential answers are presented, there is a risk that the student will answer out of rote, more so than out of knowing what answer is correct and why it’s correct. ExamForce software randomizes the question order, along with the potential answers order as well. That way, you never really take the same prep test twice, and you continue to learn each time you take a test.
  2. The software is only as good as the learning opportunity it represents. The value of the ExamForce.software is not only evident when you are taking the prep test, but also after you are done, thanks to the built-in links to the supplied Exam Cram content. That way, students can go beyond the simple context of a question and expand to the wider topic behind that question.
  3. The review mode is more important than taking the prep test. In other words, the true learning experience does not reside in the questions that are answered correctly, but in those that are not answered correctly. The review enables the student to focus on the questions that tripped them – and by extension, to identify the topics that are not yet fully understood. This saves studying time and helps passing the actual tests on the first try.

Those are the top three reasons I recommend the ExamForce software to my students.”

Dave Jacquet, MA, M.Ed., Net+, i-Net+, CCA, CCNA, MCP+I, MCSA, MCSE, MCT
Founder of MCSEFreak.com

“In November of 2000 Information Holdings bought Transcender (formerly a leading practice exam maker) for $60 million in stock and cash. In 2004 they dumped Transcender onto Kaplan Education for $10 million. Having just played with a CramMaster exam simulator I can see why. It’s cleaner, smoother, and an all around better product than Transcender. Their questions are top notch and in many cases tougher than what you’d encounter on a real certification exam. If you can pass a CramMaster exam you’ll have no trouble passing the corresponding certification exam. It’s no wonder Information Holdings threw in the towel.

“I consider myself expert with Windows 2003 Server as I’ve been working with it extensively for the past year. I just took a beating from the CramMaster for 70-293 (Windows 2003 Server). How bad? I finally passed an exam on my third attempt and learned some new things about Windows 2003 along the way. This is one bloody tough exam simulator.

“How the heck is it that I never really heard of you guys until recently? You’ve got some seriously good stuff here and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t know about it sooner.

“Were you flying under the radar on purpose?”

Sean McCormick

“The CramMaster series of training products delivers a superior exam preparation experience. The interface is intuitive and well-designed, the content presented in the exam simulations is relevant and skillfully written, and the CramMaster test engine is one of the best in the business. The innovative CM test engine is more than just a bank of questions; the engine actually helps you to create an initial benchmark of your existing knowledge, then creates adaptive ‘quizzes’ that drill you on the exam objectives that you have the most trouble with. The product tracks your history as you progress through the training, and offers a full-blown exam simulation at the end of the process.

“ExamForce has established itself as an industry leader with the CramMaster series. I would definitely recommend these training products to anyone looking for assistance in achieving their next (or first) technical certification.

Aaron Axline, MCSE, MCSA, CIW, A+, Network+, Server+, I-Net+, CDIA+
Technical Writer/Editor

“As a Microsoft trainer one of the toughest parts of my job is helping students identify and focus on their weaknesses. The dynamic nature of the Exam Force engine removes any guesswork in this process and allows the students to use their time in ways that will maximize their chances at passing the Microsoft exams. If you are looking for a way to prepare for the Microsoft certifications, having a preparation tool that tracks your strengths and weaknesses should not be a feature of the product it should be a requirement!”


“CramMaster is the best test preparation engine I’ve ever used. I’ve taken over 100 IT certification exams, and I wish I would have used this software for all of them. The CramMaster engine does an exceptional job of pointing out your weaknesses and helping you turn them into strengths. The added Exam Cram 2 material is a phenomenal bonus. I guarantee you one thing; I’ll use them for every exam I take in the future.”

Robert Shimonski
Author/Technical Editor of over 36 IT certification books
Holds over 30 IT certifications
Authored 40+ CramSession Study Guides


Here’s what some of our customers have to say…

“Video Courseware has been an immensely useful resource to me for my MCSE exams – especially with respect to Exchange Server. The perspective and advice of an experienced presenter mean that these courses don’t just “teach to the test”, but provide a strong basis for using the technology in practice. Topics are presented using clear, well designed material, including movie capture from machines running the relevant software – providing highly effective demonstrations of how to address various situations.

One more thing: compared to classroom teaching, I appreciate being in control: to be able to pause the training whenever I want – or to go back over previous material, or skip sections. This gives me the flexibility to learn in a way that suits me.” Dan C. MCSE:Messaging

“Dear Janice, I just want to tell you how great your product is. I have tried many methods in an attempt to pass the Microsoft Exams. I bought big fat books from Microsoft Press and read them. I have used study sheets. I have spent many hours studying. I even had on the job experience in these topics. I took the Microsoft 70-270 and failed! I graduated in the top ten percent of my High School, so I am no dummy. Those Microsoft exams were tough. I saw your website, and it stated that your product was guaranteed so that I would pass. I figured that if your company was that confident in their products, that I would take a chance on them. I needed a different strategy, as everthing that I had always tried to pass exams did not work. Your software is excellent! I tried the Microsoft 20-290. Taking the drill exams really narrowed things down for me so that I could focus on what I did not know. There were links from questions that I did not know to actual PDF chapters that covered the topic. In the drill tests there was also the explanation button that is worth its weight in gold! It explained why the correct answer was correct, and why the incorrect choices were wrong. That was the most valuable part of it all for me. Going through the adaptive exams and then the simulated exams made studying a lot more fun. The software also gave me a good feel for how the questions on the exam are phrased. I could also track my progress so it built my confidence. Finally there were the simulations that were excellent! I don’t think I would have passed the exam without all of these tools combined. This product does not skimp! It is worth the investment!” T. Mulherin

“Ron, As a follow-up to my good news today, I wanted to pass on how I passed this exam. I studied only one book. It was the “All-In-One” CISSP book by Shon Harris. It is nearly 1200 pages, and not the easiest stuff to study, but Shon makes the material a bit fun. However, I am convinced that the key to my success was software that I purchased from ExamForce. The test prep software works you through the material, and it will give you the questions based on how well you are doing. I wanted to pass on this wisdom to all of you, as I know many of you are also looking to get the CISSP. All I can say is, the cost was minimal, and the success was great!” A. Cooper

“Eric, Just tried it out last night. This is damn good software!!! It spotted lots of holes in my knowledge that I was unaware of and has no doubt helped to stop me falling flat on my @%# in the exam already! Bit discouraging to be made aware of additional gaps but that is why I bought it so this is a very good thing. Was not aware there was a book embedded in this to cram with – a very pleasant surprise!! I am very happy with the deal we did. All the best.” Mark

“The special edition software was a great exam prep package. It allowed me to see how questions would be worded and what the test environment would be like. I passed the A+ Essentials exam with a 760 after studying with this software for only 2 weeks.” M. Hamberg

“Rudy, I wanted to express my thanks to the developers, sales staff, test evaluation people and the customer support staff at ExamForce. I few months ago I ordered the CISSP ExamForce product to prepare for the most difficult exam in my life, the Certified Information System Security Professional exam. The exam is 6 hours in length and covers 10 security areas (domains) that are very intense. I used the ExamForce test program everyday (30 questions) and a full exam (250 questions) on the weekend for one month. I work over forty hours per week and don’t have the luxury of taking a week off before the exam to prepare. The ExamForce system allowed me to feel very comfortable with the material, I downloaded and read the PDF files in the areas I was weak. I took the exam in only three hours and was very confident when I turned it in that I had passed. Please let other know that the system works if you follow the pretest, drill and final exam process as outlined in the product. I look forward to completing the PMP certification by the end of this year or early next year! Thanks again.” P. Burnett

“Passed the 70-431 with 1000!!! Thank you ExamForce.” P Meister

“Dave, I would like to thank you for your help that you gave me to provide me with your product. I passed the 70-290 exam about a week after receiving the CramMaster program. Attached is my exam record. Thanks again.” J. Robbins

“Ari, Just a short note to tell you that I passed the Microsoft 70-270 Exam this a.m. I scored an 889 ( 700 needed to pass). I was nervous going into the exam, this was my first Microsoft exam, but my confidence grew as I knew I was selecting the correct answers to the exam questions. The simulated exams in the ExamForce 70-270 product mirrored the actual exam. Thanks for exam prep software. Regards.” J. Bare

“Regina, I’m a one-time buyer of the 70-291 test. Well, after long last, I’ve finally opened the product and I’m putting it to use. My company is finally getting around to upgrading my certifications. I have to admit, it’s everything you said it was; I’m quite satisfied. I just wanted you to know that once I complete this test, I’ll be in touch to purchase, at least two more. No big sale, but I know others studying for these tests and I may be able to steer some business your way. Nothing like good ol’ “word of mouth” to draw some business in. It’s a good product and most certainly worth every penny I spent on it.” J. Huddleston

“Linda, I recently sat and passed my CISSP exam at the first attempt and this was largely due to the adaptive drilling feature of CramMaster. It quickly identified my areas of weakness thus enabling me to spend more time revising those, rather than re-studying things I already knew. This has been my first experience of passing an exam of this kind using the tool, and I was extremely impressed as to how real the test was, and to just how closely it mirrored both the content and style of the actual exam. In fact the only thing it could not cover was perfecting the art of completing the bubble sheets.Well done on an excellent product!” A. Cowan

“Katie, Thank you for your call, your helpful information and most importantly the totally awesome deal you offered me! I don’t get easily excited but I am about this! I can’t wait to get home and get started. I have researched a lot of educational offerings lately but you guys are definitely over the top with this offer! I will keep you posted on my exams, your learning materials and my future certifications!” A. Scott

“Thank you for your efforts once again. It is a pleasure dealing with you, your company and software. I am pleased and will be back for more. None of the other companies I have dealt with have been so eager to try. Great Customer Service!!!” P. Porcella.

“I really like the feature of the referencing materials. It was helpful in learning. I would recommend using the material together with hands on really enhanced learning capability and familiarity with the subject. By using this method I was able to obtain my MCSA and MCSE 2003. Thanks” P. Wong

“I used CramMaster to study for the 70-290 exam and I passed. The way the test engine let me identify and hone in on my weaknesses was cool, I’ve used others that you have to keep wading through the stuff you already know, that stinks. I also took MOC classes and the material in the Exam Cram covered the material that was not in the MOC. I would definitely recommend CramMaster to anyone who wants to pass the test the first time.” T. Horn

“Thank you for your immediate response. If y’all are this responsive with your test preparation training, I will check you out!” J. Haas

“I would like to thank you for the help that you gave me with your product. I passed the 70-210 exam about a week after receiving the CramMaster program. Attached is my exam record. Thanks again.” Justin Robbins

“I went to McConnell Technology and my teacher asked me to write you and let you know I passed my Networking+ exam. CramMaster is the best! It’s very user friendly and helped me pass the test with ease. Last year my company closed and the State gave me a grant to go to McConnell. I now work part time for McConnell as a bench tech so I can gain experience. Thank you.” Gordon Gerwitz

“I just wanted to take a few minutes and commend your sales rep on his excellent sales job. I consider myself a very hard sell. I have been around sales my entire life, know the “tricks” and can get turned off quickly by many salesmen quickly; however, in this instance I not only found the conversation pleasing. In addition, I had problems with my cell phone that day and your rep patiently worked with me throughout the repeated disconnects which were very irritating…for me at least. I had all my questions answered and felt that I purchased a good product from a good company because of our conversations. I am looking forward to receiving the first few products in a couple of days and hope the product is as good as the service has been so far.” R. Horton

“Awesome response time on your Ask the Expert service. Thank you very much for the quick reply. Your people are becoming more impressive by the day. Your lifetime MS customer.” T. Anderson

“In the CramMaster program, the adaptive drill mode is so flexible, fitting and effortless. I`m new to the Microsoft world but your product is helping me make real progress. Please send me information on Network+ and Cisco. Thank you for your great help. .Keep up the hard work !!!!!” B. Makoni

“I used CramMaster to study for my 70-217 and passed the first time. I cannot reflect my score. This is one of the ” pass “, ” no pass ” tests. I felt more than adequately prepared as I went through the test. I had a two week study window. CramMaster allowed me to sufficiently master the material in that amount of time. One of the real strengths of the testing software is that it bundles an ExamCram study guide. The questions are matched one to one to the proper chapter of the guide. I used the pdf search function for the subject of the question and could immediately get the detailed information I needed to understand the proper answer for each question. I have used @#$%#$ in the past and have been annoyed at having to go through the entire exam before I could review my answers. I have also used #@$%. Their formatting is good but they don’t have the in depth explanations that ExamCram guide supplies. I will definitely be using CramMaster by ExamForce to do the rest of my testing for my MCSE.” R. Todd

“Many thanks for all your help and support. CramMaster presents highly relevant and comprehensive up-to-date material. While providing tests in content knowledge and adaptive drills, CramMaster goes further in assessing exam readiness, both mentally and physically, through the simulated exams. While taking the CramMaster exams I was enveloped in the test-taking environment. In addition to the answer explanations given I was able to access additional information through the Read More option. In addition, I want to thank the customer service team, who provided me with great support and constructive advice in a highly professional and friendly manner. Highly recommended!” A. Heskial

“The ExamForce CramMaster software has made my test experience one of success not failure. I have taken the classes, while successful, they prepare a person for the real world, not the exam booth. After studying for most of the exams using traditional methods, web resources and even Transcender, I was always uncertain of the outcome while taking the exams. I found ExamForce and downloaded the free 70-210 exam. After just a week following the CramMaster program with the pre-test, the adaptive run throughs, and then certification simulation, I felt ready. I walked into the exam booth confident I would pass, which I did and it was a breeze. I recommend ExamForce to all the other people that I know taking the tests as they are well done and make sure you know what to expect in the exam booth. Thanks for everything.” M. Murdock

“Thanks for the excellent support and thanks for making an excellent product. I really appreciated the adaptive nature of the ExamForce software, it helped me identify my weaknesses and focus on ‘fixing’ them! I really appreciate the fact that my software included Exam Cram content. In addition, I found the Exam Cram Cram Sheet (with a summary of the most important points to know) ‘extremely’ helpful. Thanks again for all your efforts.” E. Weaver

“Dave – Your, Ask the Expert service is Excellent! That is perhaps THE clearest explanation I have EVER heard relating to this question. My god, you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff people said. I have actually passed the 217 exam and am going back to the 216, but nowhere have I ever encountered the “corp.” solution for separating the website and office domains. I took MOC and other courses. Maybe I just didn’t “get it” at the time. It’s sort of funny, because that’s exactly the solution we have in place here at work. Thank you.” Karl

“After completing the A+ Core and OS course offered by anther training facility in Florida, I found myself discouraged when I failed the OS test. My employer also required certification in order to receive further training. Then I studied for the CompTIA OS exam using your software and passed easily. I was excited when I found your course and believe me, I would not have passed without your excellent material. I highly recommend your software to anyone wishing to pass an exam with confidence on their first attempt. Your methods are proven, efficient and allowed me to learn my weaknesses like no other course I’ve taken. Thank you.” D. Chambers.

“I really appreciate the Exam Cram cram sheets. They do a great job of summarizing the material. I recently had an interview where domain administration was needed. I had the 70-218 test scheduled for the morning, and the interview in the afternoon. I passed the test, and was able to show my Microsoft test passing sheet in the interview !!! I’ll fax the test passing sheets from my last two exams to you this evening after work. Thanks for everything! I’m an MCSA thanks to you and your company! Now on to the MCSE !!!” Eric

“I thought I should tell you I was most impressed with your sales representative. Although I have not purchased your product he was a most amicable salesperson with an answer for everything! He was also flexible enough to provide to me some ideas on how your product might benefit both my clients and my company. You can count on my business when the time is appropriate.” P Barton

“I just wanted to send you an email and tell you what I think of your Company as well as your products. I have a lot of experience with your competition and as far as I’m concerned you guys and gals blow them out of the water. Every experience that I have had has been a true pleasure and your products are first class. J. Hernandez

“In the past I have used the “other guys” products but never got very far, then I heard about you guys from a friend and discovered that there is a company out there that makes a quality study and test product for getting certified and that company is you! I have used your product and now I’m certified!! And you can believe me when I say that When its time to upgrade my certification I will be calling you again! Keep up the great work!!” G. Halteman

“Morning Jeff – hope you’re well, sat my exam this morning and passed – Bring on 70-216. I’m on a role now. Many thanks for all your help Glad I invested in Adaptive Learning Systems.” P. Ashwin

“I wanted to quickly say a big thank you to Exam Force and your team for taking the time to contact newcomers like us. Thank you again and God bless you.” M. Roberts

“This is “Awesome” help that you provide. Thx again!” J. Powell

“I purchased your CCSA exam prep and just wanted to let you know that I found the product to be a very good preparation for the CCSA examination which I sat & passed last week. Your CCSA practice test is a good measure of an individuals knowledge & any shortcomings of the CCSA syllabus which is subsequently tested by the Check Point CCSA examination.”Chris

“It’s now John Miller, MCSE….so I guess your stuff helped. THANKS! It was easy to use and it’s a regular stop for studying at our school. It helped me get my certification, and I’ll probably use you for my 2000 upgrade. I’ll be calling you back! Thanks again for the help.” J.Miller

“Your package is a FAR superior product to the (competitor’s) product that I had previously purchased. I like your adaptive format, and I especially appreciate the “explain” button with not only the reasoning involved, but also the exact reference point so I can look up anything that I am not clear on. Not to mention the price difference! I am recommending this to all my friends at work!” L. Roberts

“I purchased the A+ exam and am e-mailing you to let you know that I passed my exam with a score of 820. Thank you very much; your research is excellent and spot on! I have recommended your program to the rest of my class to purchase.” Lorraine

“Just wanted to thank… the staff there for all of their help. I was extremely skeptical of the “A+ Certification” Course however; 3 months after purchasing your program I passed both A+ exams on the first try. Thank You, I couldn’t have done it without you.” D. LaMendola

“The interaction is good and the program robust.” K. Egan

“I would personally like to thank you for your endeavors to put together the best testing software available. I used your software for both my CCNA and CCDA exams and received a 933/1000 on my CCNA and 903/1000 on my CCDA examination!! Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so!! I am currently pursuing my CCNP and will use your software to that goal. I recently purchased the software for a friend of mine and I am confident that the results will be the same.” J. Harrell

“Just wanted to tell you how much help the CCNA test prep was. This is a great tool to use to sharpen skills and build confidence. Thanks.” A. Groveman

“I have just recently purchased the above referenced product (MetaFrame 1.8) and have been using it daily. I am happy to have a product like this to use prior to my taking the test.” D. Jones

“I passed my ACRC exam the first sitting after purchasing your product. Thanks for your help.” B. Jones

“I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when you first called and boasted of your product and guarantee. It took three calls to finally convince me to try your product. I’m here to tell you, it was everything you promised. I passed NT Server yesterday. I’m looking forward to using your software for the rest of my exams! D. Johnson

“I found your test prep to be a very helpful tool in preparing me for my exam. In particular, I found the three study methods your product allowed to be most helpful.” V. Lawrence

“I called you in a panic, three days before my MetaFrame test. You e-mailed me the program that very night and I’m happy to say I passed the test with flying colors.” D. Fenn

“I strongly recommend your software to anyone preparing for the Microsoft exams. It has been a tremendous help to me in passing all six of my exams!” L. Shipley

“I just found out I passed CCNA! You were the first one I had to tell. Couldn’t have done it without you! A. Miller

“I just passed my last Microsoft exam using your prep software. Wish I’d tried the product sooner. I’ll be taking a few months off, but am interested in what you have for Cisco.” R. Allen

“Your products are excellent. They helped me pass my A+ and MCSE exams. I have told my classmates to purchase your products. I could not have done it without your products. Thanks again.” V. Timiani

“I took the Citrix instructor-lead training for exam 302.2, but I don’t think I would have passed the exam without your MetaFrame 1.8 test prep. I even did it on the first try! I look forward to the release of the advanced examination software.” E. Bertolasio

“I order a CMTD program yesterday. It is great and it is a LOT nicer than (competitor’s) software!” E. Witkop

“I it was a pleasure talking to you today and I am very excited to receive my CCNA Exam via email and the CD by mail. I would to thank you for the great testing software. I bought CCDA Test software 6 months ago and I passed it on a first try with a score of above 900. Now I am looking forward to passing my CCNA with the help of your superior test software. Looking forward to speaking with you soon. Thank You.” R. Akhtar


Here’s what a few ExamCram users have to say…

“Today I passed my third test toward MCSE certification. Using the Core Four exam cram books, and as much time on NT as I can, this plan has worked very well. When I started this way I was unsure that this could be done. I spent considerable time gathering data from various schools regarding training for certification and decided that, given the cost of school, I would try this until the method failed. So far, I’m still kicking. Thanks to Ed and all of the folks who put together these marvelous tools! M. Regan

“I just wanted to write to let you know how invaluable your Exam Cram books have been to me. I used the one for Networking Essentials, and passed! I used the one for NT Workstation 4 and passed with an 833, after having failed my first time with a score of 542! A. Dunning

“I would like to let you guys know your Exam Cram series is excellent. Again, thanks for your great series.” M. Lee

“The EXAM CRAM and PREP enhanced my knowledge tremendously. I appreciate the quality implemented in the books–they were the most comprehensive reference I have read. I’m preparing to study for the MCP, and therefore will ExamCram.” T. Brewer

“Way to go! You folks have put together some kind of terrific prep books!” C. Buie

“I was very reluctant on taking the Sun Java Programmer Certification because of the fear that was instilled in me by articles I have read on how difficult the exam was. However, after studying the “Java 2 Exam Cram” guide for about three weeks off and on, I was able to pass the certification test with a mark of 80%.” B. Brogden

“I am currently on the MCSE track and have been regularly communicating with 5 different MCSE’s. I was amazed to discover that all of them swear by Exam Cram. So I picked up the MCSE core four set, and so far they have been the easiest reading set I have ever picked up. I definitely recommend these books to anyone pursuing their MCSE. C. Wiebe

“Just a quick thanks for your great books. You have helped me get through A+ and now I’m halfway through MCSE. I am enrolled at a local college taking continuing ed and have a great instructor, but he and I agree your books are priceless. I’ll always use your books.” M. Raines

“I just wanted you to know what an integral part of my studies your books have been. I owe my success on these exams entirely to two things. First, my instructor (who recommended your books by name, author, and ISBN number!), and second, your incredible study materials.” C. Stein

“After preparing for the MCP in NT Server 4.0 by various methods, including Computer Based Training, I gained 800 in the exam. I then discovered Exam Cram, and achieved 966 (the pass mark being 700) in my next MCP test. Your publications are extremely well focused, and I have now purchased Exam Cram books to prepare for all remaining MCPs in my MCSE + I training. Thank you!” N. Hiles

“I am a professor at El Paso Community College, in Texas. We have just got off the ground our training center and are on our way to become a Microsoft CTEC. It was a very difficult road for us, but when we got our first batch of students pass the NT4 workstation exam with a 99% success ratio we were really happy to have chosen the ExamCram series as one of our textbooks. The material is very well presented, and the contents got straight to the point. Our students are on their way to become MCSE’s very soon, and our program will continue into Windows 2000 and beyond… Keep up with the good work gentlemen!” L. Marcena

“On September 23 I wrote and passed both of the A+ exams. It took me 16 minutes to write both exams and fill in the survey as well. I had no doubt that I could pass the exam(s)after preparing for them using the ExamCram and ExamPrep books. The books supplemented 10 years of hands on use and filled in gaps in my knowledge base where needed. The format and layout of these books makes it easy to learn at my own pace. Thanks for a great product! Now it is on to Network+ and I-Net+ (using your products of course).” P. Kett

“In a market flooded with study materials promising successful completion of every possible certification, it’s extremely refreshing to find a publication that delivers! Having over ten years of computer science and networking experience, I have read NUMEROUS research materials, and currently hold over twenty of your Exam Cram series. I recently recommended your series to my corporate training center, and an order has been placed for your Windows 2000 track. Your publications are concise and to the point!” R. Bragg

“Your books are fantastic!! They are straight to the point and not complicated. It made my job of teaching a lot easier, was able to concentrate on teaching and answering questions, not figuring out how to use/adapt the book to teach!!” M. Long

“I bought a HUGE book on A+ and after being bored to tears by factoids on the IBM 8088 & 8086 processor (which is useless information now) I bought the Exam Cram book for A+. What a difference!! I felt I learned something valuable and I was given practical, real world information, not a bunch of useless factoids meant to pad a book and make me accept the $55 price tag. Passing the questions in the book and on the software and doing it with confidence virtually guarantee you’ll pass with confidence.” R. Cavender

“My sincere thanks to Exam Cram for such a well put together series designed to get the meat of the information needed to pass these exams. I’ve used exam cram for every single one of my certifications, and ironically ordered about 8 more exam cram books for a couple more certs I have planned coming up. Keep up the great work!” B. Robertson, Jr.

“I have discovered the “ExamCram” books to point out the relevant information that I needed to pass the CompTIA I Net+ exam. I have purchased my second and third book to help pass the CCNP Support and Remote Access exams. If I had these resources for the CCNA exam I would have been more comfortable with the actual exam and would have taken it sooner. So it’s CCNP then on to MCSE with ExamCram.” G. Russell

“Thank you for publishing such a wonderful series! ExamCram is wonderful! Your name was infamous in my MCSE classes! From hearing the wonderful rants from other MCP’s on their way to become MCSE’s, I purchased your Core series. I passed all 6 tests the first time! Again, thank you for caring enough about your customers to give quality information to help us prepare for the tests. The tests are scary enough, and ExamCram held my hand right through it! Thanks!!” D. Hagen

“I used the exam cram for the i-net plus and passed with a 93. The exam cram book plus the online practice exams are more than enough to achieve a passing score.” K Dill