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Welcome to the Ask the Expert Service and thank you for your purchase of our product.

Like many in the IT industry I come from a fairly diverse background. Most recently my experience is in both networking and project management. This experience is both in “doing” and teaching. I have been assisting people obtain their certification goals for over 5 years. I am certified by most of the top network vendors including (in no particular order) Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, PMI, and Microsoft.

I know from personal experience that with dedication and hard work all certifications can be obtained. Mind you some of them may take an extra attempt or two!

I’m here to assist you with your test preparation using ExamForce. If you have a question on the certification process or about one of our questions, just ask! I’ll get back to you with an answer. No worries if I don’t have the cert already I’m probably working on it and if I don’t have the cert I will get the answer from someone that does. Remember, the only silly question is the one you don’t ask!

BA LLB CD PMP OCP CCNP CCDP CCNA CCDA MCSE MCSA A+ Network+ Inet+ Server+ Microsoft Office Specialist Master

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