Error Code 430 Fix

This error can be caused if the version of Internet Explorer on your system was not installed with the typical set of MDAC component files. These files are supplied by Microsoft and can be installed on your system.

If you upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer, select the option to install the typical set of components. If you customize the installation, include the component called “Visual Basic Scripting Support”.

In some cases the error occurs because Visual Basic Scripting is not installed on your system. To install Visual Basic Scripting follow these instructions:

  1. Start the Internet Explorer Update installation program
  2. Select the option “Install Minimal; or customize your browser”

  3. When you reach the “Components Options” screen, scroll down and select the option called “Visual Basic Scripting Support”

  4. Complete the installation wizard

If you are on a Windows 98 system the error might be caused by corrupt Windows Script Host files. To correct the problem you must re-install Windows Script Host:

NOTE: In most cases these steps will resolve the issue. If you still receive the error after doing these steps you will need to call or email us for further assistance.