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ExamForce Offers 30% Off Their PMP (PMBOK v5) Online Training Course 

For experienced project manager looking to stand out to employers and maximize their earning potential, the PMP credential is the right choice. ExamForce is pleased to offer professionals seeking to achieve the PMP® (PMBOK v5) exam a special offer of 30% off its online training course. This is a limited time offer and only good through April 30th 2014. Just use coupon code EFS19 at check out today. PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is the most sought after, industry-recognized certification for projec...

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Certification Update: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 

I'll admit, it's been a good long while since I've taken a look at what's happening with Microsoft's flagship database server product MS SQL Server, and how it currently fits into Microsoft's training and certification program. Back in the day (he said, remembering what it was like to "wind a watch" and "dial a phone"; today, people are answering their phones with their watches) SQL Server certification was covered by the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) designation. The MCDBA was a multi-exam accreditation, and existed as its own certification track separate from the MCSE program.

Flash-forward to the present and lo and b...

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What are the Most Valuable IT Certifications for 2014? 

There are several good reasons to earn one or more professional IT industry certifications. Getting certified serves as proof of your knowledge and ability with a specific technology or group of technologies. In fact, going through the process of achieving an IT certification helps to expand your technical knowledge, providing insight into the less common aspects of a given technology that aren’t regularly encountered in normal day-to-day usage.

One key motivation for getting certified is to show your current (or a potential) employer that you have achieved an industry-recognized credential, in order to improve your earning potential i...

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Inside the MCSA:Windows 8 Certification 

Recent reports from software market share trackers indicate that many organizations have finally retired, or are in the process of retiring their Windows XP installations. The December 2013 report from NetMarketShare shows that Windows XP market share has dropped below 30% worldwide, and is expected to fall even further in 2014.

This move is long overdue. Windows XP is well over a decade old, and has had several stays of execution while Microsoft has tried to get businesses and home users to adopt one of its newer desktop OS releases. Windows Vista failed to get traction in the marketplace, but Windows 7 has definitely found its way into...

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Microsoft Private Cloud Certification: An Overview 

The Microsoft Private Cloud Certification is a designation meant to demonstrate an IT professional’s knowledge and experience with building private cloud solutions using Microsoft server technologies. The Private Cloud Certification is an additional designation which can be added to the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) on Windows Server 2012 certification track. It can also be added to the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Enterprise Administrator or Server Administrator tracks, or to the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) on Windows Server 2008 certification track. There are two exams which must be passed to achieve the Private Cloud certification, and they are definitely not entry-level exams. Here is how Microsoft describes the experience level required for the Private Cloud certification exams: “Candidates for [these exams] will have Windows Server, System Center 2012, security, high-availability, fault tolerance, and networking experience in an enterprise environment. Candidates should also have basic Microsoft SQL Server, Windows PowerShell knowledge, and application configuration experience.” Microsoft System Center 2012 is a suite of server products that make up Microsoft’s latest enterprise network management system. One of the components of System Center 2012 is System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which some of you may know from its older incarnation as Systems Management Server (SMS). SCCM 2012 is the new one-stop shop for performing OS deployment and software distribution, asset management (both hardware and software), and patch deployment for Windows clients.

Private Cloud Exam Overview

The Private Cloud certification exams were released in June 2012. As mentioned, there are two exams which candidates must pass to receive the Private Cloud certification: Let’s take a look at both of these exams in some greater detail.

Exam 70-246 Details

Here is a list of the knowledge domains covered by the 70-246: Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012 exam. The approximate percentage of questions dedicated to each knowledge domain on the exam is also listed.

1) Configure data center process automation. (15-20%)

This topic includes implementing workflows and service offerings.

2) Deploy resource monitoring. (20-25%)

This topic includes deploying and configuring end-to-end monitoring, and creating monitoring reports and dashboards.

3) Monitor resources. (20-25%)

This topic includes monitoring network devices, servers, the virtualization layer, a...

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CompTIA A+ Certification: the 800 Series Update 

The A+ Certification from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA for short) was launched twenty years ago in 1993, and has since become one of the most widely recognized computing technology-related certifications. According to the CompTIA website, over 900,000 people hold the A+ Certification, many of whom have used it as a starting point to a career in the IT industry. The A+ Certification is as well respected as it is prolific; the program has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and by the International Organization for Standardization under ISO 17024. The A+ program has changed significantly ov...

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Creating IT Futures 

ExamForce: A Force in IT-Ready’s Success Friday, May 31, 2013 Keeping costs down and quality up. That’s the trick for any business. It’s also one of the keys to success for a nonprofit program like our IT-Ready Apprentice Program. Thankfully, we don’t have to do it alone. Courseware and test prep software are important tools that our IT-Ready participants can use to go over their classroom material on their own time and reinforce what they’ve learned. But the best software adds a cost to our program that is multiplied for...

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Personal Technology – Hacking Cars 

War texting technology could endanger us in ways the average person wouldn't comprehend. Not long ago two employees of iSEC Partners used off the shelf parts to create their own GSM network and proceeded to sniff out network traffic between cars that utilize remote communications between the vehicles and their appropriate vendor to hack into and unlock cars. While the report didn't specify, I imagine that anyone using GM Onstart, BMW Assist, Ford Sync and Hyundai Blue Link services, and where those services can remotely start the car, would be able to literally drive away without so much as a pip from the alarm system. According to the Read more »

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Tech Disconnect – Are Smart Phones Interfering with our Relationships? 

My wife and I are foodies. We love going to new restaurants, trying out new dishes and reviewing them. We’ve found some true gems and at the same time expanded our tastes for different cuisines, and even revisited some chains to discover significantly updated menus. Once we are done we log on to Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urban Spoon and Zagat and make our reviews. Yeah, it sounds a bit manic but we’ve also been able to get some perks from the restaurants for leaving the reviews. And if you are wondering, free food doesn’t influence our reviews. We only go back for the goods when we know we like it. It’s also fun and it obviously earns us recognit...

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Made in America on the Comeback Trail? 

Time stands still for no one, history repeats itself, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sorry, it was one of those “The Replacements” flashbacks that happen as the NFL season unfolds. These statements could easily describe the continuing downfall of American strength and influence in the world. It was bound to happen; a quick scan of every dynasty that has ever existed shows an eventual breakdown, most often by a society gone soft while another arises. The key differentiator is usually either economic or militaristic, but regardless, change happens. So while we’ve spent the last couple of d...

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