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Binary Nation #01101110: The Case of the Missing Homophone 

The night was gloomier than a BlackBerry corporate earnings call, and wetter than an OtterBox. Normally I wouldn’t have met a client outside of my office. But, this odd Scandinavian would only meet me at a certain diner on a certain evening… and I had a certain empty bank account and certain bills past due to coerce me into meeting with him. Me? I’m Jack Dinn. I’m a private geek. It’s what I do to keep the Internet on. I stepped into the diner and shook rain from my jacket....

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Windows 10 Certification Update—and the End of the MCSA? 

Microsoft Learning dropped a Windows certification bombshell the other day. Read on, and all will be revealed. Windows 10 is out of the gate in a big way, with over 110 million installations worldwide according to Microsoft. It’s unlikely many of these machines exist in the enterprise, except maybe in test labs where IT professionals are currently validating Win10 against line-of-business applications and other possible sources of incompatibilities. But overall, the critical response t...

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Binary Nation #01101101: New Resolution—Vote No on 4K 

A few years ago, everyone involved in the visual entertainment industry was going ape-poop crazy over 3D movies. Hollywood and the consumer electronics manufacturers wanted all of us to run faster than a knock-off Rolex to our local Cineplex Barn (72 screens! Nothing on!) to watch movies with 3D glasses pasted over our peepers. That experience was supposed to inspire all of us to replace our crappy hi-definition home theatre gear with brand new 3D movie players hooked up to brand new 3D...

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What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI for short, is a technology platform that replaces traditional user PC workstations with virtual workstations hosted on one or more servers. A user can log on to their virtual machine from any client with a proper network connection. In some implementations, users can even access virtual machines through a tablet or smartphone. The primary advantage of VDI is fully-centralized administration of all enterprise desktop workstations, including backups,...

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Binary Nation #01101100: Let’s Give it a Shot 

Hello, my American friends. There has been a lot of talk recently about the gun problem, or the lack of a gun problem, in your country. You may have heard there will likely be more gun-related deaths than traffic-related deaths in America this year. You may have read that there have been over 60 mass murders involving firearms in the U.S. since 1982. You may have seen a map showing that six of the deadliest shootings in U.S. history have taken place in the last eight years. And so on....

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CompTIA Network+ exam retirement coming August 31 

Candidates who have been preparing to take the Network+ N10-005 certification exam from CompTIA should book their exam dates before the end of August 2015. The English version of the N10-005 Network+ exam is being retired by CompTIA on August 31, leaving the new N10-006 version of the exam as the only one available. Next to A+, Netwo...

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Binary Nation #01101011: Taylor-Made News 

*click* “Shortly after an intense IM conversation with music superstar Taylor Swift, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani announced the immediate, total abandonment of that country’s nuclear program. In a hastily composed statement for world media, President Rouhani wrote, “We misunderstood her wishes. We are now confident we are on the same page.” *click* “SeaWorld Entertainment, the company behind the massively popular theme parks released an official announcement that it i...

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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner: 2015 CASP Exam Update 

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification is an expert-level designation positioned as the next step up from CompTIA’s highly successful Security+ certification. The CASP credential has achieved impressive industry recognition and adoption since it was launched in 2011. CASP has been accredited by both the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Like Security+, CASP has also been approved by the US De...

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Binary Nation #01101010: Six Degrees of Convocation 

Hello graduates! Nice to be here with all of you this afternoon. Quick show of hands: how many of you went commando under your robes? Hmm. Less than I thought, actually. Must be a generational thing. Okay, first thing right off the bat—congratulations. You did it. You made it through four (or some number close to that) years of secondary school. You’ve earned a college degree. Every one of you is now officially overqualified to work at Cinnabon. Well, maybe not the Drama majors....

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Binary Nation 01101001: The Grand Inquisitor DDS, DD – A One-Act Play 

(CURTAIN OPENS on a typical dentist’s cubicle. All of the usual trappings can be seen; x-ray machine, instrument tray, etc.  A nervous man is sitting upright in the dentist’s chair.) AJ (nervously reciting) I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. (Dentist enters stage right. He is a pleasant looking man, dressed in the professional garb of his practice.) DENTIST Ahh, hello AJ. How are you doing tod...

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