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Binary Nation #01101010: Six Degrees of Convocation 

Hello graduates! Nice to be here with all of you this afternoon. Quick show of hands: how many of you went commando under your robes? Hmm. Less than I thought, actually. Must be a generational thing. Okay, first thing right off the bat—congratulations. You did it. You made it through four (or some number close to that) years of secondary school. You’ve earned a college degree. Every one of you is now officially overqualified to work at Cinnabon. Well, maybe not the Drama majors....

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Binary Nation 01101001: The Grand Inquisitor DDS, DD – A One-Act Play 

(CURTAIN OPENS on a typical dentist’s cubicle. All of the usual trappings can be seen; x-ray machine, instrument tray, etc.  A nervous man is sitting upright in the dentist’s chair.) AJ (nervously reciting) I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. (Dentist enters stage right. He is a pleasant looking man, dressed in the professional garb of his practice.) DENTIST Ahh, hello AJ. How are you doing tod...

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Inside the MCSE: SharePoint Certification 

Microsoft’s SharePoint product made its debut just after the turn of the millennium, when the initial version was launched as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001. SharePoint is a web application platform primarily used to create intranet portals—internal corporate websites that contain one or more specialized team sites. Inside SharePoint, each corporate department can have its own team site where employees can share and exchange information relevant to their job function. ShareP...

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Binary Nation #01101000: Storytellers 

When I was a kid, my mother once said to me: “Do you know how I know when you’re lying? Because your lips are moving.” This statement, which led me to undertake an obsessive, summer-long study of ventriloquism, had another unforeseen impact on my young mind. It planted a seed of self-identity that has since grown into an unwieldy plant-based metaphor creeping vine kind of thing. That is, it made me realize that I was a natural storyteller, and a lover of stories. I love a go...

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How will Windows 10 change Microsoft desktop certs? 

There has been a lot of splashy news and previews of Microsoft’s Windows 10, the next generation of its desktop operating system. The early commentary has been remarkably positive so far. The Microsoft Insider program, in which millions of interested users are downloading the Windows 10 work-in-progress version and offering feedback on the builds as they are made available, has resulted in the redesign or complete removal of many of the poorly received features of Windows 8. (See you l...

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Binary Nation #01100111 / CE$ $exy 

“I’ll tell you this,” Vector said after we’d received our brunch orders from the waitress, “the first person who says ‘Internet of Things’ to me, is taking a knee to the groin.” “That seems harsh,” I said, dredging a piece of steak through my over-easy eggs. “Understandable; beyond contestation, certainly. But harsh.” “Right in the crotch,” Vector vowed, digging into his breakfast chilli. Vector seldom brooks any nonsense, and I am not much of a nonsense...

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Which IT Certifications will be hot in 2015? 

What are the hottest IT certifications in 2015 going to be? To answer this question, you need to take a look at which fields of information technology are expected to experience significant growth next year. As it happens, industry website Computerworld recently released its forecast for the top in-demand IT skills for 2015. This forecast is based on Computerworld’s annual survey of IT hiring dec...

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Tick-Tock: Microsoft Exam Retirements for 2015 

It happens to all certification exams. They are bright and shiny when they first come off the assembly line, ready to challenge all-comers on a relatively new product or technology. But, the fickle sands of time pass by, and soon those exams are looking more than a little rusty. Before you know it, the vendor is handing these exams a gold watch and a walker, and sending them off into the sunset. Microsoft Learning regularly reviews its certification exams, and when an exam is reaching th...

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#01100110/Auld Lang Sign-off 

When you look back at the top technology and science stories from the past twelve months, you discover that this year was pretty much just an incremental update to last year: 2014 was basically 2013.2. We’re still being spied on by our governments. Everyone still has a camera at all times. Our gadgets are slightly more powerful, but are still limited by the current state of battery technology. The companies that usually make a lot of money, well, they made a lot of money this year. Mee...

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Inside the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification 

CompTIA has recently rebranded its most basic entry-level certification as the CompTIA IT Fundamentals designation. Formerly known as CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals, this rebranding is likely due to a change in CompTIA’s professional relationship with Certiport, the certification solutions provider that CompTIA partnered with to create the original designation. CompTIA has been working towards doing all of its content development in-house as of late, so the release of the newly revised...

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