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Binary Nation #01110100: Eggs and Morality 

I recently had a remarkable spiritual experience shopping for Eastern European brides… and by "spiritual" I mean "infuriating" and by "Eastern European brides" I mean "a carton of eggs." Go ahead and parse that out; I'll be over here pulling on my rant boots. Here's the scene: I'm in a supermarket at 10:00 PM. I am there to purchase three things: milk, coffee cream, and eggs. There are maybe six other customers in the entire store. We all look like the type of people who go grocery...

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New ExamForce Video Courseware Titles 

ExamForce is excited to announce the October 24, 2016 launch of our new, enhanced library of Video Courseware titles. With over a 130 titles set to release and many more in development, this will be our largest launch in over a decade. ExamForce eLearning videos are professional filmed in studio by the most knowledgeable and engaging instructors in the industry. Video lessons are broken down into a manageable, easy to learn format that will enhance your ability to re...

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Exam Spotlight: a look at Display Connectors 

Relevant Exam – CompTIA A+ 220-901 Back in the day, computers were plugged into these beige TV boxes with glass screens and cathode ray tubes, commonly referred to as monitors. Computer monitors varied in size and resolution, and all of them had the relative weight of a dying star. Monitors often developed a high-frequency whine that could send dogs into a howling frenzy. They sometimes ran hotter than the PCs they were hooked up to. And, if you tried to service a monitor your...

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Binary Nation #01110011: Coming This Fall 

"All right, we're meeting with the network executives next week to discuss ideas for new TV series," I told the gathered participants in the official Binary Nation meeting room, also known as the gazebo hot tub and gin parlor. "I've brought us together to brainstorm ideas to pitch to them. I'm going to open the floor—er, hot tub—and let everyone bring their creative brilliance to bear." Twenty minutes of silence passed. "Zombie Survivor," Vector said abruptly. "What wa...

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Exam Spotlight: Controlling Microsoft Accounts & the Windows Store 

Relevant Exam: 70-697 – Configuring Windows Devices With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft encouraged users to create a Microsoft Account and use it as their Windows 8 log in. Doing so allows users to sync several Windows configuration settings to the cloud, and have them automatically pulled down to any Windows device the user logs into with their Microsoft Account. Microsoft Accounts are also necessary to use the Windows Store, which was launched along with Windows 8. A...

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Binary Nation #01110010: You’ll Be Terminated 

The Terminator is back. More precisely, it’s come back for your job, Sarah Connor. Let’s see if you can raise a decent future leader of the human resistance on food stamps and welfare checks. A growing number of industry voices are warning that millions of currently employed citizens are going to lose their jobs to robots and AI systems over the next ten years. A recent White House report predicts that 83% of jobs paying $20/hour or less will be "machine sourced" over the next decade...

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Binary Nation #01110001: Old Goat 

The other evening saw Vector and I playing 3-cushion billiards at our preferred gentlemen’s club. Vector had some sort of smart drink which he claimed had been banned by the European Union. I had gone more conservatively, sipping a vanilla cola and pausing occasionally between shots to vape some spearmint peyote. The governing board of the gentlemen’s club permits us our small idiosyncrasies, so long as we honor the dress code—suit and tie in non-garish colors, dress shoes, and no...

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Binary Nation #01110000: Children’s (Meal) Crusade 

There is a new religion in the world today. It has its different sects and related cults. It has its moderates, who are doing what they think is right for them, and it has its fundamentalists who want to bully everyone into following their scripture. And speaking of scripture, every sect and cult has its holy books and literature which all manage to disagree with each other, even though they all say the same thing: this is the true way, the only way, that you should be. This new religion...

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Meet the New Boss: Top IT Skills and Certifications for 2016 

There is some good news for IT pros and career starters who are looking ahead at the in-demand IT specializations for 2016: this year is very much a reflection of the last. This development will reward anyone who added in-demand knowledge and skills from last year, as their experience will continue to give them an edge in 2016. Let’s take a look at these hot IT skills, and review a few of the training and certification programs related to them. INFORMATION SECURITY IS STILL...

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The MCSA Strikes Back – on Windows 10 

A couple of months ago, we told you about some upcoming changes to Microsoft’s certification program, including the news that there wasn’t going to be a new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification for Windows 10. Based on this and other information (hit the link above for the info I’m referring to) I speculated that the training and certification folks at Redmond were gett...

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